The links below will take you to information and technical guides written by club members.

A Father's Advice

Photo of FT shooter This is a cheat because it is not written by a club member, although we all wish we had been clever enough to do it! Probably the definitive poetic word on how to be safe with a gun (more...)

Guide for New Members

It is always strange visiting a new place or trying a new sport for the first time, so this little guide is to help you get acquainted with both, ready for your first visit to Chester Field Target Club (more...)

Scope Lapping

Photo of author This item was written several years ago by Steve Stanley and excited a lot of interest in the UK when it was posted on our old website, so hopefully it can now benefit a new generation of shooters.

For years I have seldom gone from one shoot to the next without having to adjust my zero. I often wondered what the cause was - cheap scopes I thought. Sometimes on hot days my zero would change during an FT shoot and 2 or 3 shots were missed before I realised what was happening (more...)